It’s early morning, crisp and nice. You breathe in the fresh air, with a relief. Your business event went well (thank God). As you enter your office,your phones start to ring. Phones are of the hook with calls from new contacts that you made, and from colleagues and business partners who call to congratulate. It was an outstanding experience… they had so much fun… they admired the décor… You are happy and relieved, as things didn’t turn out the way you wanted them - but people still liked it.

As you enjoy in the delight of yet another accomplishment, you recall the long haul that got you here. Months of preparation, time, labor and resmineces invested, and stress endured. And ton of anxiety on the day of the event, as you were fretting if everything would be all right.

  • Did you work with professionals who possess integrity and loyalty?
  • Where they there for you, to hear and acknowledge your ideas and requests?
  • Did they stick to the budget and timeline?
  • Were they easy to work with – responsive and responsible?
  • Did they deliver what they had promised?